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curling tongs and flat iron.

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1.Cheaper than market price

2.Good quality

3.Less damaging to your hair

4.Achieve the style you need

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

25mm Curling Thong vs 32mm Curling Thong

Based on Lynne request, I'd done a product trial to compare 25mm curling barrel and 32mm curling barrel's effect.

FYI: This how you supposed to hold your barrel if you're curling for yourself =D. The model is using MFC003 25 mm Long Curling Barrel. Tadaa! This is how it supposed to look like.

This would be a comparison of the curls would look like when you use different curling thong sizes.

25 mm Curling Barrel/Thong
As you can see, you will have a tighter curls for 25 mm, the ones that Taylor Swift used. You may use this kinda size for prom updos, chic looks, retro, vintage etc. I would say that this product would be a good investment for alot of fantastic updos.

32 mm Curling Barrel/Thong
Curls are looser if you're using these sizes of thong. Opting for more casual/beachy looks? This would be the right size for you! Note: I'd tried it once curling my hair w/o hairspray, at the end of the day, my hair looked so wavy and natural with this.

Wanna look a little gorgeous but 'not too much' for outing with friends/fine dining with someone special? With less than RM100, you can curl your hair at your leisure at home. Check out our curling thongs range today!

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